Specializing in Window Glass Repairs

Are your windows foggy?  Cracked or your window hardware is broken?  Home repairs are a bother, but when you need window glass repairs, it is difficult to find a company that specializes in the repair of windows only without EVER trying to sell you new windows.  Did you know that 80% of problems with windows can be repaired??


WindowFix.ca focuses on repairing your windows.  We specialize in the repair and replacement of window cranks, locking mechanisms and replacement thermal (two pane) glass. If your windows aren’t working, give us a call at 289-242-8439 for a quote right over the phone or by email and we can be out same day to get the job begun.  We are fully insured with $2 Million Liability, WSIB compliant, and are a family run business based out of the Oakville area.

Cracked Window Glass – Made to Order

Foggy Window Glass?

Our thermal glass is CUSTOM MADE to the exact specifications of your window.  We do not just manufacture one type of thermal glass, as not all windows are the same specifications.  We have specific tools and meters to read your glass to ensure that the replacement glass will be made to have the same overall look as your existing glass.  Typically – LowE / Argon gas is in existing new build windows.  If you prefer, you can upgrade to a higher Low-E for increased R value (to save money on your monthly heating/cooling bills).  We can also custom make curved units, units with white or coloured (or bi-coloured) grids.

Compare our warranty!  We have the best in the business!

Ask us about our 5 and 5 warranty.  It is UNPRECEDENTED in the industry.  We offer 5 years Parts and Labour warranty against seal failure.  If your thermal glass seal fails in 5 years we will replace FREE OF CHARGE!  This warranty is offered by our company, so you will never have to contact a manufacturer, which can be time consuming and frustrating! (If you have tried, you will understand what I’m talking about).

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WindowFix.ca has been in business since 2007 in the Oakville area.  We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Lakeshore Home Maintenance which is a family run home repair business based out of Oakville.   We service Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, Milton, Toronto and surrounding areas.

Call us today at 289-242-8439 or email us with the dimensions of your broken window.  With a little information, we can have your quote out to you right away!

One last note…

If a company tells you that they can drill a hole in your window, top and bottom, and FIX the problem – they cannot.  When the seal fails on a double paned thermal glass unit, the failure somewhere along the perimeter of the frame is broken, allowing air in.  They can spray and “clean” all they want, but the air will still find its way in, and the fog WILL come back.  The only way to repair a foggy glass unit, is to replace it with a newly manufactured double paned glass unit!

Call us at 289-242-8439 to get your free estimate immediately!  Then let’s get those windows replaced this week!

Window Glass Repairs

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